Team Building

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Team building is essential for productivity, efficiency, and longevity of any corporate team. You can learn a lot about team members in one of our rooms. Find who takes a leadership role, communicates effectively, runs around doing nothing, and so on. That's why our rooms are designed to increase communication, coordination, and critical thinking skills. All of our events include a ten (10) minute brief before the experience, a sixty (60) minute escape room, and a ten (10) minute post-experience discussion. Our staff will facilitate throughout the process and point out observations found during the experience.


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What better way to spend your birthday than you and a group of friends having fun and play games! Our birthday events are specific for each customer. This event includes a ten (10) minute briefing, a sixty (60) minute room experience, and a 10-minute debriefing. You can choose from any of our rooms depending on your group size.  We can accommodate groups from two (2) to sixteen (31) players

Other Events

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We can facilitate a variety of special and different events. Including but not limited to proposals! There isn't a more unique way to propose to your loved one than doing so in an Escape Adventure! Give us a call prior to your event and our staff can talk about possible customization and tailored portions of your adventure to make it even more special!