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The Virtual Estate 

A Virtual Escape Adventure

Recommended Connections: 2-6 Connections

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $50 for 2 connections (not players) and $25 for each additional connection up to 6 connections.


Current success rate: 55%

Overview: Your friend's Grandma, Esther, recently passed away and left a substantial inheritance, but their cousin, George, claims it is all his. He produced a Last Will and Testament, but something doesn't seem quite right about it. Your friend is sure it is a forgery, but have no evidence. George plans to demolish the house (everything inside) in order to build a strip mall. Demolition is scheduled in about an hour from now. Your friend has face-timed all of your friends to help find the true Last Will and Testament and get out of the house before the wrecking crew buries your friend alive!

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Is This A Virtual Escape Room?


"I loved playing the Estate with my friends, super pumped to do it from home with the family!" 

It is! Though you will book it like any of our other escape adventures. This Virtual game is still Game Mastered by a live Enigma Employee. 

Players vs. Connections

Since this game is virtual, we are not charging by the player but by computer or device connection. The minimum connections to play are 2, and from there, you can add up to 6 total connections for your 60-minute virtual adventure. 

What Do We Need?

You'll need an internet connection, a desktop or laptop computer, webcam, and audio.

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