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Naughty Or Nice?

Limited Time Holiday Escape Room

Naughty Or Nice?

Recommendations: 2 to 6 players


Duration: 60 minutes (Nov 12th - Jan 31st)


Price From: $39 + tax per person 

Mission: Mrs. Claus has gone mad! She is tired of all the spoiled kids getting presents they don't deserve, but she took it one step further. She put EVERYONE on the naughty list! She said it is time for you to PROVE you belong on the nice list along with everyone else. The Northpole is in a panic since Christmas has been turned upside down. The elves don't know what to do and Santa is too busy to even notice what Mrs. Claus has done! Your team has to make it right before it hits midnight and Santa leaves to deliver his presents (only to those on the nice list).  Can you and your team get back on the nice list in time? Or has Mrs. Claus won in ruining Christmas?

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