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The Condemned

Recommended Group Size: 2-5 players

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: Starting at $35 + tax per person


Current success rate: 40%

Overview: 280 Appleridge Ct, Somewhere, MO - A famous house to some, and unknown to others.  Jack Hamill and Elizabeth Fisher were found slaughtered inside Elizabeth’s childhood bedroom in 1924. Jack, a farm boy who was destined to be a war hero, and Elizabeth the feisty daughter of Somewhere’s John Fisher and mysterious newcomer Isla Rose.  Since this horrific event, the house has sat abandoned and some say even haunted. Strange things continue to occur at the house especially at night and something doesn't quite add up in the reports of Jack and Elizabeth's death. But you and your friends don't belief in this paranormal mumbo-jumbo. To prove it, you dared them all to join you to stay the night in Elizabeth's bedroom. As the sun sets, your stomach starts to turn. Welcome to The Condemned!


"Enigma's New room announcement has my whole family excited!"