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The Estate

Escape Room

The Estate

Recommended Group Size: 2 to 6 players


Duration: 60 minutes


Price From: $42 + tax per person


Current success rate: 45%

Mission: Grandma Esther was the sweetest lady you have ever met. She lived in the same house her whole life. She had a loving husband, two children and many grandchildren. Unfortunately, not all grandchildren are created equal. Her oldest grandchild, George, never had a good bone in his body. He jumped from con job to scam and back again just to get by. He got himself into more trouble than you can count. After grandpa Harold passed away earlier this year, George found his next "big idea." He was going to sell Esther's family home to a construction company and turn it into a parking lot for a strip mall. Grandma Esther wasn't fooled, but her health was failing. It wasn't long before she passed away as well. George, who happens to be your cousin, is moving quickly to sell the property before anyone can stop him. You and your siblings cannot let this happen! You contact your grandma's neighbor who has a key to her home. The neighbor can let you in the house to find Esther's Last Will and Testament, but the neighbor warns you that George has a demolition crew on the way. You won't have much time to find what you need and George won't care if you are in the house or not when he destroys it.  Time is of the essence to save grandma's estate!

This was so much fun! We took the kids to do "the estate." Everything was so well done, lots of puzzles and locks and mysteries. We had a great time!

- Brittany

Very nice staff. Made it such an amazing time for us. I can't wait to book another room!
- Shannon

his was our first adventure with Enigma Escapes and we really enjoyed it very much! Our game master was engaging and cheery and the room itself was very well designed.
- Jorge

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