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The Cure

Recommended Group Size: 4 to 8 players


Duration: 60 minutes


Price: Starting at $35 + tax per person


Current success rate: 35%

Mission: Paradox Labs - a well-known, cutting edge research facility headed by Dr. Alexander Xavier. Unfortunately, Dr. Xavier has gone missing and with him the cure to a highly contagious virus known only as 853-472B.  Your team of investigative researchers have been called in to hunt for Dr. Xavier, but the priority is to find the cure and secure it in the cure case. Virus 853-472B that was once contained solely inside our laboratory specimen freezer, but now appears to have been released into the main laboratory. We cannot allow this virus to escape the lab at any cost! Therefore, we have activated our bio hazard containment procedures which will release a special chemical killing everything in the room from the smallest virus to human life. It goes without statement that this mission is highly classified and extremely dangerous. You are the last hope to save Dr. Xavier, find the cure, eradicate this virus and ultimately save the world!


"The Cure was AMAZING! A Must Try Escape Adventure for sure!"

- 5 Star Review